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Oregon CNA Training

Oregon CNA Training: In Oregon, aspiring Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) must complete a state-approved training program consisting of 150 hours. This training culminates in a Board-administered examination, which candidates must pass to qualify for certification as a nursing assistant. The curriculum and standards are set in accordance with the Oregon Administrative Rule Chapter 851, Division 63, of the Nurse Practice Act​1​.

Education Requirements: There is no specific mention of a high school diploma or GED requirement for enrolling in a CNA program in Oregon based on the information available. However, it’s prudent to check with individual training providers or employers for any additional prerequisites they may have.

Training Curriculum: The training curriculum in Oregon is designed to equip candidates with the essential skills and knowledge required for effective patient care. The training includes classroom instruction, clinical laboratory work, and hands-on clinical practice, adhering to the guidelines set by the Oregon State Board of Nursing.

Oregon CNA Examination: After completing the training, candidates are required to pass a Board-administered examination to validate their skills and knowledge, qualifying them for certification as a nursing assistant​

Successful candidates are then registered and their certification information can be verified through the Oregon State Board of Nursing. Federal and state regulations require, under certain conditions, that a first-hiring nursing facility reimburse a nursing assistant for the cost of training and required course materials

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