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Hawaii CNA Training: To achieve the status of a CNA in Hawaii, one must successfully complete a state-recognized Nurse Aide Training Program (NATP). This program typically covers at least 100 hours of training, divided between academic classroom sessions and practical clinical exposure in an actual healthcare environment.

Education Requirements: In Hawaii, it’s not mandated to have a high school diploma or GED to enroll in a CNA training program. Nonetheless, individual training institutions might have their specific prerequisites. Also, many employers might prefer or mandate a high school diploma or its equivalent for employment, making it a valuable consideration for future job prospects.

Hawaii CNA Examination: Upon finishing the requisite training, aspirants must then sit for and pass the Hawaii Nurse Aide Competency Exam. This examination has dual components: a written (or oral) test and a clinical skills test. Both components need to be passed for one to be certified.

Hawaii CNA Registry: After the successful completion of the state competency exam, the individual’s name is entered into the Hawaii Nurse Aide Registry. This registry listing is a requirement for those seeking employment as a CNA within the state.

Hawaii CNA Certification Guide

In Hawaii’s key metro areas like Honolulu, Hilo, and Kahului, finding a CNA training program that’s accessible and high-quality is simpler than you might think, opening doors to a rewarding healthcare career. Hawaii offers a selection of state-approved CNA training programs, where students can learn the essential clinical and interpersonal skills necessary for success as a Certified Nursing Assistant. Whether you’re in the bustling city of Honolulu or the scenic landscapes of Hilo, these programs pair classroom education with real-world clinical experience in top-notch healthcare facilities, ensuring a comprehensive approach to your CNA training.

The demand for well-trained healthcare professionals is increasing in Hawaii, making CNA training not just a smart career move but also a practical one. Whether you’re in the aforementioned metro areas or other communities like Kailua, Kaneohe, or Waipahu, there are CNA training programs designed to meet a range of needs. These programs offer instruction on key topics such as patient care, basic medical practices, and effective communication. Comprehensive resources, including state-specific guides on how to become a CNA, anticipated salary figures, and a categorized list of training programs by state, county, and city, make it easier for you to navigate your way into Hawaii’s healthcare system.

CNA Training Programs in Hawaii

Hawaii CNA Training AddressPhone Number
Hawaii Institute of Healthcare & Training Services1059 Kilauea Ave, Hilo, HI 96720(808) 933-1295
Hoku’s Nurse Aide Training Program315 E Kawili St #203 Hilo, HI 96720(808) 960-4163
IslandCPR73-5574 Maiau St #4, Kailua-Kona, HI 96740 / 234 Waianuenue Ave, Hilo, HI 96720(808) 326-7836
Life Care Center of Kona78-6957 Kamehameha III Road, Kailua-Kona, HI 96740(808) 322-2790
Mid Pacific Medical Training Institute, LLC180 Kinoole St #210, Hilo, Hawaii 96720(808) 935-5050
Paramedical Services & Training Center of Kona, LLCP.O. Box 1244 81-1004 Konawaena School Road Kealakekua, HI 96750(808) 937-4073

CNA Training Programs in Hilo

Hilo CNA Training AddressPhone Number
Kauai Community College (808) 245-8249, (808) 245-8308
Kauai Nurse Aide Training Center (808) 482-0267
Ohana Pacific Management Co. at Garden Isle Rehabilitation & Healthcare (808) 245-1820
Ohana Pacific Management Co. at Hale Kupuna Heritage Home (808) 742-7591
West Kauai Nurse Aide Training, Lihue (808) 346-1916

CNA Training Programs in Lanai


Lanai CNA Training AddressPhone Number
Lanai Kinaole (808) 565-8001
University of Hawaii Maui College, Lanai (808) 565-8001, (808) 984-3450

CNA Training Programs in Maui



Maui CNA Training AddressPhone Number
CNA Hawaii Institute, LLC (808) 280-0584
Hawaii Healthcare Training by Sir Larry, A., LLC (808) 357-5598
Healthcare Training & Career Consultants, Inc., Kula (808) 843-2211
University of Hawaii Maui College, Kahului (808) 984-3450
University of Hawaii Maui College, Office of Extended Learning & Workforce Development (808) 984-3300

CNA Training Programs in Molokai


Molokai CNA Training AddressPhone Number
University of Hawaii Maui College, Molokai (808) 553-4490, (808) 984-3450

CNA Training Programs in Oahu

Oahu CNA Training
Address Phone Number
Advanced Care Training   808-623-7109
AIM Health Care Institute   808-778-3832
Arcadia Home Health Services   808-983-5900
Care Giver Training School, Corp.   808-848-9988
Case Management Professionals   808-689-1937
Chaminade University of Honolulu   808-739-7438
CNA School of Hawaii   808-379-7751
CNA Solutions Center   808-744-0454
Community Healthcare Precision Services   808-753-2808
Hale Nohea Maunalani   808-225-6214
Hawaii Medical Institute   808-237-5140
Healthcare School of Hawaii   808-488-9449
Healthcare Training & Career Consultants, Inc., Kaneohe   808-843-2211
Healthcare Training & Career Consultants, Inc. at Kulana Malama   808-843-2211
Healthcare Training & Career Consultants, Inc., Honolulu   808-843-2211
Healthcare Training & Career Consultants, Inc. at Maluhia   808-843-2211
Healthcare Training & Career Consultants, Inc. at Maunalani Nursing & Rehabilitation Center   808-843-2211
Healthcare Training & Career Consultants, Inc. at The Villas   808-843-2211
Hoaloha Nurse Aid Training   808-292-4665
Island Temporary Nursing-Hawaii Healthcare School   808-791-5825
Kahala Nui Senior Living/Hi’olani Care Center   808-218-7014
Kapiolani Community College   808-734-9305
Kapiolani Community College, Non-Credit Program   808-734-9000
Leeward Community College   808-455-0470
Malama Nurse Aide Academy   808-440-0560
Maunalua Bay CNA Training Program   808-729-8592
Nagomi Foster Homes   808-398-4194
Ohana Pacific Management Co. at Ann Pearl Rehab & Healthcare   808-247-0003
Ohana Pacific Management at Pu’uwai ‘O Makaha Health Services   808-695-9508
Ohana Pacific Management Co. at The Villas   808-547-6000
ON-Site Nurse Aide Training   808-232-3891
One Kalakaua Senior Living   808-983-4415
Pacific Rim Christian University   808-518-4791
The Plaza Assisted Living/Plaza Staffing Solutions – Kaneohe   808-235-5055, 808-687-6185
Professional Healthcare Educators, Honolulu   808-847-3366
Professional Healthcare Educators, Waipahu   808-847-3366
Serenity Care Home Hawaii   808-375-4782
Windward Community College   808-235-7304

Hawaii CNA Training Frequently Asked Questions

What is the duration of CNA training programs in Hawaii?
CNA training programs in Hawaii typically span several weeks, covering both classroom instruction and clinical training components.

Is online CNA training available in Hawaii?
While some theoretical components of CNA training might be available online, the hands-on clinical portion must be conducted in person at an approved training facility or clinical setting in Hawaii.

How do I select a state-approved CNA training program in Hawaii?
It’s essential to ensure that the program is approved by the Hawaii Department of Health. Prospective students can check the state’s official list of approved training programs or contact the Hawaii Nurse Aide Registry for verification.

What topics are typically covered in Hawaii’s CNA training programs?
CNA training in Hawaii includes basic nursing skills, anatomy and physiology, infection control, nutrition, basic restorative services, and patient rights, among other topics.

Do training programs in Hawaii offer job placement assistance after completion?
Many training institutions in Hawaii offer job placement assistance, connecting graduates with potential employers in the healthcare sector.

Can I start working before completing my CNA training in Hawaii?
Some facilities may hire individuals as nursing assistants before they complete training, but they must successfully finish the program and pass the state exam within a specified timeframe.

How often are CNA training programs updated in Hawaii?
Training curriculum for CNAs is periodically reviewed and updated to ensure alignment with current best practices and state regulations.

Are there evening or weekend CNA training classes in Hawaii?
Yes, several institutions in Hawaii offer flexible scheduling, including evening or weekend classes, to accommodate students with varying availability.

Do all CNA training programs in Hawaii have the same tuition fees?
No, tuition fees may vary among training providers. It’s advisable to check and compare costs among different institutions, keeping in mind that some might also offer financial assistance or payment plans.

If I don’t pass the competency exam the first time, how soon can I retake it after my training in Hawaii?
Candidates who don’t pass the exam on their first attempt have a specific number of additional tries, with waiting periods in between, as defined by the Hawaii Nurse Aide Registry. If unsuccessful after all attempts, they might need to undergo retraining.

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