Using YouTube to Study for the CNA Exam

So you’ve already completed your CNA training course, and you’re ready to take things to the next step. You simply cannot wait to embark on your CNA career, and you pray that you’ll only have to take the exam once. Fortunately, some test administrators provide practice test exams online, and if you’ve attended a reputable school, you should have no problem passing the exam. At the same time, it’s always better to be safe than sorry, so taking extra precaution and seeking


In this information age, finding alternative means of preparing yourself is easier than yesteryear. This is especially true with platforms like YouTube, where countless videos are constantly being uploaded where others – from novices to the experienced – are not only sharing their test-taking experiences, but are providing sample exam questions for you to prepare yourself to ace the exam in order to embark on this rewarding career as a certified nurse aide.


All you have to do is visit YouTube and do a quick search for CNA exams, or sample CNA exam questions, and see what comes up. Also, be aware that the exams in every state are relatively similar since the duties of a CNA are almost identical everywhere, so it wouldn’t hurt and would actually help if you’d look at as many as many videos as you possibly can!

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