Taking the Florida CNA Exam

Do you live in Florida? Are you finding it hard to afford a CNA training program in the state? Do you not qualify for financial aid, or are put on the waiting list for whatever? Well, it’s important to know that the state of Florida does not require you to undergo a training program before you can take the CNA exam, although it’s highly recommended.


Let’s be real here. The CNA training class would be extremely helpful, and it would be highly recommended that you take it, but the truth is it’s more than possible to self-train and successfully prepare yourself to take the exam and begin working as a CNA. But this is only possible if you have the right resources to do so. You must also have a good amount of self-discipline, have the ability to conduct extensive research, and simply exercise basic common sense.


The good news is that the state allows you the opportunity to take the test a total of three times before you’re required to take the exam, so the chances of mastering this exam and saving money by skipping the training course is greater than none! The rest is up to you!




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