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Red Cross CNA Training Programs

The American Red Cross has been offering a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Training Program since 1990, and it is recognized as a gold standard in nurse assistant training. Each year, about 5,000 students participate in this program, with an average graduation rate of 90%. Furthermore, over 80% of the graduates pass the state exam to become licensed or certified nurse assistants.


The curriculum of the Red Cross CNA Training Program is designed to equip aspiring nurse assistants with the necessary skills and knowledge required in the healthcare sector. It includes a blend of theoretical coursework and practical training. The practical training component is particularly emphasized, where students work directly with residents of long-term care facilities under supervision, gaining hands-on experience necessary for their future roles.

Upon successful completion of the training, graduates are prepared to provide quality care for individuals in various healthcare settings including nursing homes, assisted living facilities, hospitals, and home health environments. They become eligible to take their state exam for placement on the nurse aide registry as certified nurse assistants, paving the way for their career in the healthcare sector.

The Red Cross CNA Training Program holds a distinguished reputation in the healthcare education sector. Being operational since 1990, it has contributed significantly to the quality of nurse assistant training across the United States. The program’s high graduation rate and the success rate of students passing the state exam post-training highlight its effectiveness and the quality of education provided. The notable reputation of the Red Cross CNA Training Program not only elevates the career prospects for the graduates but also positively impacts the healthcare facilities they join, by providing them with skilled and well-trained nurse assistants.

Support and Resources:

The Red Cross ensures that students enrolled in the CNA Training Program have access to a plethora of resources and support to aid in their learning and skill development. This includes a well-structured curriculum, experienced instructors, and hands-on training opportunities. The supportive environment fostered by the Red Cross helps students to not only grasp the theoretical aspects of the training but also excel in the practical components, which is crucial for their future roles as nurse assistants. The Red Cross’s commitment to high-quality education and training in the healthcare sector significantly contributes to the positive outcomes observed in the program, such as the high graduation and state exam pass rates. Through this robust support system, the Red Cross plays a pivotal role in nurturing skilled and competent nurse assistants ready to provide quality care in various healthcare settings.

Job Placement:

The Red Cross offers job placement assistance to graduates of their Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Training Program through several avenues. Within the program’s curriculum, additional benefits such as resume workshops and job fairs are included, which provide graduates with the opportunity to connect with potential employers and learn how to present themselves effectively in the job market. Moreover, the Red Cross has collaborated with on a job placement initiative specifically designed to help Red Cross-trained nurse assistants secure jobs in the healthcare sector. This initiative also aims to address the caregiver shortages and retention challenges facing the healthcare industry. Through, job placement services are provided to graduates of Red Cross CNA training programs across the nation, along with the tracking of valuable hire and retention data In addition to these, Red Cross CNA program graduates have access to job placement services, career development training, and career counseling, further aiding in their transition into professional roles in healthcare settings. Through these various support mechanisms, the Red Cross ensures that graduates are well-prepared and well-placed to begin their careers as certified nursing assistants.

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