Nurse Aide Certification Exam | CNA Examination Overview

The purpose of the CNA examination is to ensure that you are properly trained and knowledgeable to take upon the duties of a certified nursing assistant. There are two main parts to the examination: written and clinical. In other words, the exam is merely a reflection of the knowledge you’ve acquired in the training program, and the way to demonstrate such knowledge is to take the examination and pass it.

If you don’t prepare yourself for the examination, then you will run the risk of failing. It’s extremely important to familiarize yourself with the structure of the exam, and understand exactly what to expect.


For the written part, you will be asked a set of questions and must answer a percentage of them correctly in order to pass. This is the case regardless of your state. The notes you’ve taken in class (Make sure to take notes) and the information in the book should be a sufficient enough study guide in order to satisfactorily pass the class.

The fact of the matter is, the vast majority of those who have taken the CNA exam from the time in which it was established have passed, which means it’s fairly easy as long as you prepare because preparation is key.


The second part of the exam is the clinical part, which basically tests you on your ability to care for patients. In other words, you will be required to demonstrate your ability to conduct basic CNA duties by utilizing a model patient. You will be observed on your skills, such as taking vitals from patients, making beds, washing hands, bathing, and patient’s privacy. You will also be tested on how you deal with emergency, possible life and death scenarios. Unlike the written section, you will be graded on the spot by your observer, so it’s important to prepare yourself in order to demonstrate confidence.

This section is extremely important because the way you perform will be a reflection of how you will take care of real patients once you began to work as a CNA. In other words, this is exactly what the state examiner who will be examining your moves will look for.

The importance of preparation cannot be stressed enough, and this goes for both sections. Aside from the material you already have, researching online, especially videos via YouTube and talking to people who have already taken the exam are also good ways to prepare yourself to pass the exam.

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