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Nursing Assistant Level 1 students learn the responsibilities, duties, and skills expected of a CNAs in the State of Oregon. Students will be actively involved in the classroom setting, skills lab, and will complete the practicum in a nursing facility in the community. The NA-1 program consists of 80 hours in a classroom/labs and 75 hours in a clinical setting, for a total of 155 hours. The Online NA-1 training program consists of 53 hours of online instruction, with the online students joining an onsite class for labs and clinicals only. The NA-1 Enhanced Learning program consists of 100 hours in a classroom/labs setting and 75 hours in a clinical setting. Upon successful completion of the program, students will be issued a Certificate of Completion and be eligible to apply for certification by competency examination with the OSBN.

CNA-2 Training Care Program Curriculum

The comprehensive CNA-2 training program provides students with training in all aspects of the CNA-2 role in Acute Care, Dementia Care, and Restorative Care, plus core competencies. CNA-2 curriculum provides a level of knowledge, skills, and abilities at a greater depth than a NA-1 training program, including the concepts of safety and preventing complications. The course includes a combination of classroom lectures, videos, small group work, lab skills practice and supervised clinical work. The program consists of a total of 88 hours, 60 hours in class/lab and 28 hours in an acute care/hospital setting. Upon successful completion of the program, students will be listed as a CNA-2 on the OSBN registry.

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